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n, however, said the Russian reactors are only part of the overall initiative. "The reality is that a very small percentage of the budget request for this ... program is aimed at


assess the situation," said Piringer. A passenger on the derailed train told local TV ABC-7 that the accident happened "about 20 seconds" after it departed from Farragut North Stat.


) -- The Colombian Navy detained 19 Cuban migrants found on a boat in the country's Gulf of Uraba on Saturday. The Cubans said they were seeking to reach Panamanian shores before .


sane at the time of the shooting and should be found guilty. Teams of both prosecution and defense made lists of key items for why they thought Holmes was insane or not during th.


ker. News from the CDC came that the worker tested negative for Ebola and that she will be cleared of the disease also on Monday. CDC TO REVISE GUIDELINES The CDC is soon expected .

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underground. His father was already at the site to receive him.Full story Rescue operation starts, capsule reaches miners underground SAN JOSE MINE, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- The capsule.

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8, his family said on Monday. Donato escaped from a FARC camp after government troops exchanged fire with guerillas in the country's southern jungles on Sunday. He hid in the jungl.

park facilities. "Very reluctant to close city services today," Parker tweeted Tuesday, "but with all school districts closed it puts a burden on our working parents." All schools .

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