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al-Qaida "will not go away soon." He told graduating cadets that "there will be difficult days ahead" in Afghanistan." "But we will adapt, we will persist, and I have no doubt tha

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ead with the purchase. Gates said recent analysis of the scenario in which the vehicle is likely to be used showed other vehicles and war fighting techniques can handle the task. O

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uba, currently with 11.2 million, will soon begin to sharply decrease and will not reach 12 million, the authorities said on Tuesday. "In the short-term, the Cuban population will

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e ability and resources to deal with the economic impact. For president-elect Sebastian Pinera who will take office on March 11, the quake will test his campaign promise on economi

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ve ordered her to rest for a month after they found a hematoma in a membrane in her brain, Fernandez's spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro said Saturday. The hematoma was linked to an Au

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pleased to see continued signs of an expanding relief effort," he said in a statement issued on the Clinton Foundation website. "More than three weeks after the earthquake, the rel

4480私人 -杂乱合集2全文阅读下载

ing on Pinera to recognize as soon as possible the existence of Palestine as a full, free and sovereign state. Last week, Pinera met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The C