Vienna Convention to protect diplomatic facilities, and it's absolutely outrageous." Nuland said the Syrian "thugs", about 300 around the U.S. embassy at the height of the inciden.

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ll seek a second term as secretary general," he told reporters at the department. "Clearly, the UN faces an array of daunting challenges. And we've worked constructively with Sec.

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ostponed the beginning of classes. The chaos in Salvador is also damaging the tourism and entertainment industry, which plays an important role in the city's economy. Shop owners .

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st week that his work at the UN was an obstacle to the position for which Martelly had nominated him. "My permanent residence is in Haiti. Working abroad for the UN, of which Hait.

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eeds to clear full House and Senate votes. White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Wednesday told CNN that investing more on transport infrastructure should not be a partisan issue. .

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ga said what in need was immediate actions of humanitarian aid for the Haitian people and government. Bolivia is preparing to donate blood and food to Haiti while Cuban leader Rau .

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to reach the scene and shot the suspect in the legs, was promoted to Second Sergeant, while Corporals Edinei Feliciano da Silva and Denilson Francisco de Paula were both made Thi.

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center of early alert to be all the time monitoring the situation in the country, the coordination with the international agencies, a satellite network of emergencies, the functio.

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for countries which will invest in Argentina," many people replied that the two critical issues "should be considered as key foreign policy issues." A total of 51 percent of the pe.

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